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HealthSpark Foundation is announcing the award of $631,000 in grant funds to support 14 projects under the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative. The grants include 11 Innovation Lab grants, a 2-year grant to continue advocacy efforts through the Here for Us Advocacy Coalition, a research and planning...
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Posted on behalf of Russell Johnson, President and CEO HealthSpark Foundation is pleased to offer tuition support for up to 10 Montgomery County community leaders who apply and are accepted to participate in the 2020 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange (GPLEX) Conference. This year’s GPLEX...

Build Back Better

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our communities, our workplaces, and our families. The pandemic is laying bare the historic disinvestment in public health and social safety net systems as well as the stark inequities in our society. Our safety net sector is experiencing a uniquely stressful moment as demand for safety net services skyrockets, while long-term funding for these critical resources remains at risk. As we continue through these times of uncertainty, we are all anxious to return to the normal life we knew before.

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The second round of MontCoPA COVID-19 Response Fund grants have been awarded, bringing the total amount of grant funds awarded to $212,000. A total of 63 nonprofit organizations have received grant awards through the MontCoPA COVID-19 Response Fund since its opening on March 26, 2020. Grant funds...
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With its partners, HeathSpark awarded the first round of grants through the MontCoPA COVID-19 Response Fund two weeks after opening the Fund for grant applications. A total of $141,500 has been awarded to 41 nonprofit organizations as part of a community-driven effort to support the immediate needs...
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In coordination with our partners, HealthSpark Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the MontCoPA COVID-19 Response Fund. This Fund will provide emergency general operating support to social safety net organizations serving Montgomery County residents impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak...
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The presence of the COVID-19 virus in Montgomery County is a daunting reality for all of us. The implications of the pandemic are both personal and professional. We are all trying to cope with the stress of school and business closures, loss of routines and disconnects from our families, peers and...
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As part of our Safety Net Resiliency Initiative, we are accepting grant applications until November 2, 2018 for pilot projects through our Innovation Lab. Innovation Lab Goals The Innovation Lab seeks to advance community learning and includes two short-term goals: Safety net system providers...

Innovation Lab

HealthSpark Foundation is not currently accepting applications for the Innovation Lab grant program.


Designed by our community partners, the Innovation Lab grant program is a unique approach to grantmaking that funds innovative, system-changing project ideas that will create a more financially resilient and just social safety net in Montgomery County, PA.

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We look to change the safety net system in Montgomery County. We invest in organizations and ideas that strive to improve their operations and impact the system as a whole.

Innovation Lab Grant Program

Our 2020 Innovation Lab grant cycle is currently closed. Full details on the Innovation Lab can be found here.