Grants Awarded

Since our founding in 2002, we have awarded 996 grants totaling $17.6 million to 207 organizations working in Montgomery County, as of December 2022. You can view our grants since 2017 below.

General Operating Support for delivery of programs.

The Pathway Project is a comprehensive anti-poverty, workforce development, childcare and family support solution that engages all community stakeholder groups to the childcare funding table. The revenue model requires the 4 main beneficiaries of poverty alleviation in communities to financially...

The AdvocacyWorx program at HopeWorx provides peer-advocacy services to empower individuals to navigate the mental health system, the social safety net and the criminal justice system to find support that works for their specific needs. With this grant, AdvocacyWorx will build capacity to strengthen...

Funding in support of developing a Montgomery County-based adjudication diversion program for first-time, non-violent offenders arrested with intent to distribute drugs.

Funding to expand Manna’s capacity to effectively and efficiently store, provide and transport emergency food to more households in need, transforming the North Penn region’s emergency food safety net system in the process.

General Operating support for Montco Mamas: Hope For All, Life For All.

General Operating Support to continue to catalyze system changing practices that build strategic partnerships to facilitate an effective and coordinated response to hunger in Montgomery County.

A grant in support of organizational capacity building.

Here for Us Advocacy Coalition funding for 2023-2024 calendar years.

Reality Speaking aka Reuniting Family Bail Fund (RFBF) will be debuting its live stream bi-weekly show highlighting the traumatic effects of incarceration, the cruel practice of pre-trial incarceration, courtwatch round table discussion and special guests sharing their experience with the criminal...