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Applying to the Foundation

We look to change the safety net system in Montgomery County. We invest in organizations and ideas that strive to improve their operations and impact the system as a whole.

HealthSpark's Grantmaking Process

HealthSpark Foundation accepts grant applications through two mechanisms: an open call for grant applications through our Innovation Lab Grant Program, and by inviting applications from a single nonprofit or set of community partners in order to meet a defined community need. More information on each process is listed below.

Innovation Lab Grant Program Process

The Innovation Lab is a unique grant program to HealthSpark and the Montgomery County safety net. Designed and developed by our community partners in 2017, the Innovation Lab is intended to provide collaborations of safety net providers with the ability to pilot new projects or test proof-of-concept projects that have the potential to create a more just and financially resilient social safety net. Most importantly, the Innovation Lab offers safety net partners the opportunity to advance goals identified in the community-developed plan called the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative Framework.

HealthSpark historically hosted two open calls for Innovation Lab grant proposals per year, in the fall and spring.  The Foundation is focusing its Spring 2022 grantmaking program on the implementation of the Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund; and a small number of invitation-only grants with historical significance to the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative.  This spring, the staff and board will be revisiting the current structure of the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative that is now half-way through the board's 10-year pledge and commitment.  HealthSpark plans to survey the safety net service providers in April and the results of that survey will help to inform the foundation's review and updating strategies.

Please check back this summer when the foundation will post an update on its FY 2023 grantmaking program.

Full details on the Innovation Lab, including examples of past RFP's and funded projects, can be found here.

We announce our grant program's opening here on our website as well as through our newsletter, LinkedIn page, and through the nonprofit networks.

Invited Application Process

In order to meet other community needs, HealthSpark will also request proposals from community partners for specific projects. As examples, in 2017 HealthSpark's community partners defined the need for creating an advocacy coalition that would bring together the safety net system to collectively advocate for more robust and just public policy. As a result, HealthSpark engaged a number of community partners to develop an RFP process and invited organizations with advocacy expertise to apply. HealthSpark awarded an initial grant to PA Health Access Network (PHAN) to begin this work in 2019. In 2020, HealthSpark again invited PHAN to submit a proposal to continue this work, now called the Here for Us Advocacy Coalition, over the next two years.

Similarly, in 2020 our community partners identified the need for a comprehensive, multi-year curriculum to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice within the social safety net. Following their recommendations, HealthSpark invited the three county collaboratives to develop a proposal to meet this need. HealthSpark funded a planning grant to support this work in 2020, and has now committed to funding the first two years of implementation for this project, now called the Racial Equity Learning Community.

As noted above, invited applications are pertinent to needs defined by our community partners and responsive to our 10-year effort to create a more just and resilient social safety net, the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative. For more information, please email info@healthspark.org.

Application Submission

HealthSpark Foundation uses an online grant submission portal called Foundant to accept grant proposals. To access Foundant, please click here.

In order to use this portal, an organization must create a profile. Organizational profiles are linked to an EIN, and therefore only one profile can be created per organization. If you are unsure of whether your organization has a profile created within Foundant already, if you need to update the contact information in your organization's Foundant profile, or if you have other questions about Foundant, please contact Clare Strenger at cstrenger@healthspark.org or 215-716-5400 and she will be happy to assist you.

What The Foundation Does Not Support

  • Individuals or for-profit organizations, firms or companies
  • Disease-specific charities
  • Endowments
  • Debt reduction
  • Clinical or academic research
  • Publications unless such publications are relevant to the our current work on the safety net system
  • Student projects
  • Athletic recreational clubs or alumni activities
  • Replacement of lost government-funds or supplementation of private/public insurance
  • Religious congregations
  • Fraternal, political or civic groups

Please know that we do not respond to requests for annual support, events or other general solicitations.