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Our Board

We are governed by a board of directors for which we recruit from our various networks. 

Our board members are:

  • Committed to investing in systems change
  • Interested in health and human services
  • Demonstrate leadership and strategic thinking
  • Prudent risk takers
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and a community-lead process to inform our grantmaking
  • Committed to building an operating a culturally aware, competent, diverse, equitable and inclusive organization

Board Officers

image of Dr. Natasha Patterson, HealthSpark Board Chair

Dr. Natasha Patterson, Chair

image of Dr. Nathaniel Williams, HealthSpark Vice Chair

Dr. Nathaniel Williams, Vice Chair

image of John Kepner, HealthSpark Secretary

John Kepner, HealthSpark Secretary

image of Joyce Miller, HealthSpark Treasurer

Joyce Miller, Treasurer

Board Members

image of May Their Aye, HealthSpark Board Member

May Their Aye

image of Carolyn Cavaness, HealthSpark Board Member

Carolyn Cavaness

image of Amy Gianficaro, HealthSpark Board Member

Amy Gianficaro

image of Emma Hertz, HealthSpark President and CEO

Emma Hertz, HealthSpark President and CEO

image of Joel Johnson, HealthSpark Board Member

Joel Johnson

image of Lawrence Magnan, HealthSpark Board Member

Lawrence Magnan

image of Ed Nawrocki, HealthSpark Board Member

Ed Nawrocki

image of Ray Solomon, HealthSpark Board Member

Ray Solomon

image of Ann St. Claire, HealthSpark Board Member

Ann St. Claire