Investing in healthy communities

HealthSpark Foundation works with health and human services organizations in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania to build a more resilient safety net system.

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Community Input

We gather input from our community.
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Public-Private Collaboration

We encourage cross-sector collaboration.
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Strategic Investment

We invest in promising and proven ideas.

Let's strengthen the safety net now.

The county's safety net system is supported by a fragile and precarious financial structure of both public and private dollars. To ensure that people will be able to get the right services, at the right time,
in the right place and in an empowering way, we must improve the system's resiliency.

Our approach is collaborative and systems-oriented.

The problems we face - such as poverty - are complex, interconnected and systemic. The solutions are elusive. However, we believe that by bringing together nonprofits, for-profits and government officials we can work together to develop new, innovative ideas.

Investing in the most promising evidence-based practices.

We continually scan the field for proven ideas that could be replicated in our community. At the same time, we take prudent risks on new ideas that have the potential for larger impact.

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