Announcing the Blueprint for A Better Safety Net

In April 2020, HealthSpark Foundation announced the launch of a dedicated effort to understand the impact of the pandemic on Montgomery County’s social safety net, to explore the cracks and disparities that it exposed, and to identify tangible ways to build a safety net system that is stronger and more equitable than it was before the crisis.

This effort refreshes our vision for the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative, originally crafted in 2017. Our new Blueprint, created in partnership with over 100 community groups, nonprofits, civic leaders, and others, sets a broad and inclusive vision, highlights our shared principles as we rebuild a better system, and outlines six opportunities for taking action.

This Blueprint has a place for everyone in our community to take part- whether you are a nonprofit leader, a neighbor, a person of faith, a government administrator, or a member of a civic group. We encourage you to learn more and join us in rebuilding a stronger, more equitable, and more resilient Montgomery County.

Featured Resource

A new report has been released by the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund – The Financial Health of Greater Philadelphia Nonprofits. This report, based upon an analysis of 2018 IRS 990 data conducted by BCT Consulting, provides an important glimpse into the financial health of our region’s nonprofits before facing into the exceptional challenges of 2020. 

The findings provide a unique opportunity for nonprofit leaders, board members, funders and regional observers to review comparative organizational analyses. This useful tool supports efforts of individual organizational leaders and boards to benchmark their financial performance within a comparable pool – a common for-profit industry practice.

Seeding great ideas.

HealthSpark Foundation invests in promising opportunities to build healthy and thriving communities. More than a grantmaker, we seek to inspire leadership, knowledge, and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives forward progress and social justice for all people.