Systems Thinking

The process of altering or transforming how people and structures are
linked, function and influence one another.

We invest in innovative ideas to design the safety net system so services are more efficient, less costly and lead to better outcomes. We nurture great ideas and seek creative solutions by bringing people together, building trust and piloting creative ideas and practices based on sound evidence.

We ask a lot of questions! Why does the system operate like that? How could it operate more efficiently and effectively? What would it take to make that happen? Who should be involved in these conversations? 

Many societal problems are complicated, interconnected issues that cannot be easily solved. For instance, hunger and homelessness are symptoms of poverty. While we may be able to provide a few meals or secure stable housing for a family, the larger problems are systemic. 

Investing in Systems Change

Working toward a more resilient, financially sustainable safety net for Montgomery County.