nonprofit board and executive directors sitting in chairs inside a room

Community of Practice

One of the uniting themes in a community is helping people – that has the power to bring people together.

The Safety Net Resiliency Initiative was created out of crowdsourcing events in 2017, where community partners came together to define a new and collective vision for change. To keep the movement grounded in our community, the Initiative continues to host Community of Practice events, which bring together safety net advocates from across sectors, geographies, languages, and industries. We have hosted nearly a dozen Community of Practice events since 2018, with over 100 unique organizations represented.

What should I expect to experience at a Community of Practice?

Community of Practice events are interactive, informative, and inspiring. While each event is slightly different, participants can expect to:

  • Explore with their peers how to build a more connected, inclusive safety net community

  • Facilitate connections across individuals and organizations that are working to strengthen the safety net system

  • Learn from each other about how to strengthen the safety net system

  • Gather ideas to shape investments in the Initiative

Community of Practice events provide partners with updates on the Initiative's progress on meeting its goals and an opportunity for participants to share their advice or suggestions on future direction. They also offer a setting for partners to share their own work and explore meaningful, relevant, and cross-cutting topics like advancing equity, engaging consumers and community, and implementing systems change.

Who should attend?

We welcome anyone interested in growing a more financially resilient and just social safety net to the Community of Practice. Events are open to leadership and front line nonprofit staff, board members and elected officials, residents and community advocates.

Whether you work for a nonprofit safety net provider, or a government entity, own a business, lead a faith group, participate in a civic association, or otherwise want stronger safety net protections for yourself and your family- the Community of Practice is the place to connect with others who share your passion for building a stronger community.

 When is the next Community of Practice?

The Community of Practice events are held about twice per year and are advertised on our Events page as well as through our newsletter.