Two sets of hands, facing one another on top of a wooden table. Surrounded by personal electronics, a glass of water, espresso and briefcase. One hand is writing in a notebook.

Technical Assistance

Beyond our grants, we help nonprofits build knowledge and make new connections.

We host formal and informal meetings and convenings, commission and disseminate research on various topics related to our interests and share what we're learning with others.

We have a history of helping health and human service nonprofits build their capacity to better serve their consumers.

Our regional and national networks include other foundations, policy makers and various experts.


We have offered expertise in various issues related to nonprofit management, including strategic planning, accounting and financial planning, board development and governance, staff and board training and the development of performance measures. Staff also have connections to consultants that can provide a range of management related services.


An important component of technical assistance is building and developing relationships and trust within the community. We host frequently host meetings and convenings that can bring together a wide variety of people who might not otherwise meet. We foster partnerships and collaborations between organizations. And our Community Partner Center offers flexible meeting space for both our convenings and others working within the county's nonprofit sector.

Wider Field

While most of our work is in the county, we also attend and speak at regional and national conferences. We share what we are learning with others and bring back promising ideas and best practices to Montgomery County.