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Our Goals

Our work to achieve a vision for change is grounded in the following goals:

1. Collaboration becomes the new way of doing business: Providers make strategic, intentional, and systemic collaboration the standard approach for addressing consumer and community challenges.

2. Momentum grows in size and scope: The number of people, organizations, and sectors actively engaged in the Initiative increases, as do the activities the Initiative undertakes.

3. Knowledge deepens: Providers and others grow a deeper understanding of community needs and consumer perspectives through more regular and meaningful engagement practices.

4. Data and evidence are used routinely: Quantitative and qualitative data is gathered and evaluated by diverse perspectives to inform, evaluate, and plan.

5. Adaptive systems leaders are developed across the safety net: Systems leadership is employed at all levels within safety net organizations and across the system.

Read about the Strategies we're using to achieve these goals.

Our progress on achieving these goals is currently being evaluated by Equal Measure, a nonprofit evaluation and consulting firm. Their evaluation report covering our work from 2017 through 2019 will be released in Spring 2020.