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Leadership Capacity Building Program

We envision a resilient and financially sustainable safety net system that allows everyone in Montgomery County to access high quality, coordinated, equitable, and culturally appropriate services no matter who they are, what they need or where they live.

We are partnering with the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute at Bryn Mawr College (NELI) to pilot this capacity building program.

The program was created in response to recommendations shared by nonprofit and county leaders.

The sessions are designed to a) bolster systems thinking and adaptive leadership; b) familiarize leaders with organizational concepts, tools and data to lead effectively and c) apply both on a larger scale to effect systems change. 

Throughout the year, we will seek additional feedback to help inform future trainings.

The links below provide additional information about this series. Click on the file link below the Questions section to download a PDF with all of the information.

Program is designed to:

  1. Strengthen leadership and organizational capacity within nonprofit and public organizations in Montgomery County leading to a more financially sustainable system.

  2. Increase the capacity of public and nonprofit executives and Board members to incorporate systems thinking in their planning processes.
  3. Strengthen organizations’ knowledge and skills in developing effective partnerships and cross-system collaborations.
  4. Cultivate a more holistic understanding of consumers to improve the safety net’s sensitivity and responsiveness to changing demographics.
  5. Expand the ways in which safety net providers increasingly value and use data and assessment of outcomes.

Additional Information

Page down or click the links for details on the Program Elements and Participation Requirements. Application information, including a link to the application, is located at the bottom of this page.

Session Schedule

The Leadership Capacity Building Program for Today's Leaders is a series of seven, full-day sessions, plus a shorter evening session targeted to board members' essential role in systems change. Sessions will be held roughly monthly at the Community Partners Center in Colmar, PA.

Session Schedule


Call us at 215-716-5400 or email Russ or Emma.

Program Elements

The program is a series of seven, full-day sessions, plus a shorter evening session targeted to board members' essential role in systems change. 

Click here for additional information on Program Elements.

Participation Requirements

Nonprofit and county agencies working in Montgomery County are eligible to apply. Organizations must have a minimum annual operating budget of $250,000 to participate. 

Click here for additional information on participation requirements.

Application Information

The application period for the program has ended. We are considering a second round of this program, which would be held later in 2019. Check back for details.