Shaykh Anwar Muhammad

Shaykh Anwar A M. Muhammad was born in Central Pennsylvania and grew up in a small town just outside of it's capital city. He attended Millersville University were he achieved a degree in Communication.

Shaykh Muhammad is a published author of the book The Written Mixtape Vol. One The Awakening and has given talks at many schools and universities in the Montgomery county region and throughout Pennsylvania. 

As the owner of the Black Reserve Bookstore on Main Street in Lansdale which was named December 2019's business of the month and (where you can find a wide range of Black literature, comics, apparel, jewelry, art and much much more!).

Shaykh Muhammad is also the former President of the Ambler NAACP. As of September of August 19th 2023, has since been reappointed as branch president.  He is a true community leader and organizer who beats the drum for change.

The Black Panther Of Lansdale 

(And Surrounding Areas)


What does power mean to you?

To me power mean the ability to alter someone (or someone else's) reality. Depending on polarity and the person weilding it that can have either positive or negative connotations.  

What excites you about the Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund?

The thing that excites me the most about the Dr. Frank E. Boston Fund is its ability to affect change. Being a Black small business owner and community leader it is extremely difficult to get things done, especially with nothing. The Frank E. Boston Fund provides something. A lot of something.