Ella Griggs

I am Ella Griggs, a seasoned Vice President and Relationship Manager at TD Bank with over 30 years in the banking industry. Throughout my 24 years at TD Bank, I've embraced a customer-centric philosophy, always prioritizing their best interests. In my role as a Relationship Manager for the past 4 years, I've had the privilege of assisting businesses and non-profits in overcoming challenges, fostering innovation, and providing tailored financing options aligned with their goals.

What does power mean to you?

Power, to me, signifies the authority, ability, and access to resources that can positively influence others and shape events. I believe in using this power for positive change, contributing to our collective success as a society.

What excites you about the Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund?

The Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund excites me profoundly because of its direct impact on the black community. Being involved in selecting how the funding addresses housing equality, healthcare disparities, educational challenges, and fights social injustice fills me with pride and joy.