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Information on the Medicaid population in Pennsylvania, including eligibliity and coverage.
A summary of the health status and access of residents in the region served by the foundation in the years 2002-2010.
How much income do families need to meet their basic needs?
Additional information on policy barriers to primary care and behavioral health integration.
The report studies best practice models for improving population health in PA through integration of primary care and behavioral health in a coordinated, high-impact way.
What must the area social and health services network know about the needs of the Korean and Asian Indian populations improve services?
The report provides information needed to develop a consumer-driven, outcomes- based and coordinated housing system.
Report details changes in the immigrant population of Philadelphia in the last 40 years.
The national Elder Economic Security Initiative program raises awareness and promotes policy change for older adults.
WISE SNAC® is a unique and exciting approach to reversing the trend of childhood obesity by fostering school-community partnerships that promote messages and opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity.