Montgomery County Needs Assessment (2006)

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The foundation is pleased to announce the release of the 2006 Montgomery County Needs Assessment. The assessment was jointly supported by a consortium of funders to assist planners, grant applicants and local residents in accessing demographic information and resident/organizational unmet needs. In addition to the Foundation the funders include: Independence Foundation, Merck and Company, Inc., The Montgomery County Foundation, Montgomery County Human Services, North Penn United Way, The Philadelphia Foundation, Phoenixville Community Health Foundation, United Way of Southeastern PA and the United Way of Western Montgomery County.

Conducted by the Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management of Temple University’s Fox School of Business the final report will provide a blueprint for the philanthropic organizations, local government, business and nonprofit agencies to improve the health and quality of life on Montgomery County residents.

The assessment identified long-term goals and intermediate strategies to achieve these improvements, as well as the following immediate priorities:

Advocacy and management leadership to drive the improvement of systems that address resident’s needs.

Access to services that meet the complex needs of the region’s most vulnerable residents, including minorities, the chronically ill and disabled, underserved children, the uninsured and the underinsured.

Infrastructure to support the first two priorities, including affordable housing, public water fluoridation, information services, transportation and workforce investment.

The files below include the full report, the regional sections of the report individually, and the appendices.

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