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Grant Programs

Our two grant programs, the Safety Net Initiative and the Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund signify our commitment to a more just and healthier Montgomery County. 

Our Grantmaking Journey

Our grantmaking journey has evolved since our inception. In our early years, our grantmaking was responsive:  we opened up grant opportunities and determined grants from the pool of applicants. Over the years we moved to becoming more of a strategic grantmaker, one in which we set more of the agenda for our grantmaking.

Since 2012, we have been a systems grantmaker, identifying grantee partners to work with us to shift how health and human services systems operate and interact.

Our Learning Journey

We have the ability to see problems at the systems level within our county. Once we have identified a problem, we like to develop a deeper understanding of the issue and context. Oftentimes, this means listening to the community, nonprofit providers, county officials and/or other funders. We may conduct or commission research to gain greater insight. Potential solutions could bubble up through any of these strategies. We seek practices, tools and solutions that are based in sound evidence and have worked in other places.

Where We Are Now

Our current grantmaking process is multi-faceted. Sometimes we invite specific organizations to apply for a particular grant opportunity. At other times we issue Requests for Proposals and allow organizations to respond with their ideas. Still other times we create grant programs or initiatives targeting a defined challenge or community need and allow any interested organization working within the county to apply.