Community Investments

Building infrastructure for better outcomes.

Through our grants and other activities, we focus on growing and strengthening the infrastructure of both organizations and systems. 

Our work helps good ideas germinate and grow.

The way we invest in the community has evolved since our founding in 2002. In our early days, we were a responsive grantmaker, responding to requests for project and general operating grants to organizations. We supported organizations working within public health, food and nutrition and housing.

As we learned more, and as the human services sector changed, we evolved into more of a strategic grantmaker, identifying promising ideas and helping organizations to develop them. We began working at the systems level, encouraging partnerships and collaborations to tackle complex challenges.

Today, we are working to improve the county's safety net - which includes a range of services - so that it is strong and resilient and able to meet the needs of consumers.

Our work is more than just providing grants. We bring people together to brainstorm solutions, commission research and reports to inform the community and the field and share what we're learning with others.