Celebrating a Legacy of Service: Honoring Dr. Warren Hilton



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In the realm of nonprofit organizations, the dedication and tireless efforts of board members play a crucial role in driving positive change and making a lasting impact on communities. As HealthSpark Foundation bids farewell to former board chair Dr. Warren Hilton, it is an opportune moment to celebrate his remarkable contributions and honor the legacy he leaves behind.

Dr. Warren Hilton served on HealthSpark Foundation's Board of Directors for nine years, serving as its seventh Chair and, in 2022, as Chair of the Executive Search Committee. A life-long resident of the region, Dr. Hilton joined the board at a critical time as the staff, nonprofit community, and board recognized the importance of advancing racial equity and social justice in our work.

Current Board Chair Joel Johnson remarked: “Dr. Hilton has provided almost a decade of outstanding leadership to the Board of Directors, the Foundation, and the community.  His thoughtful, strategic, and compassionate approach to our work will benefit the organization for years to come.  I am tremendously thankful that Warren has served as a mentor, colleague and now friend to me over the years.”

Dr. Hilton brought his professional experiences advancing racial equity and social justice in academia to set the stage for candid, safe, and constructive discussions at HealthSpark Foundation. He often counseled that there is 'no formula,' and no specific timetable for this work; but, as community leaders we would know we are making a difference when we no longer needed to call out racial equity as an agenda item and instead incorporated racial equity, inclusion, and an ongoing commitment to diversity in everything that we said and did as professionals, board leaders, and community leaders.

“Dr. Hilton's thoughtful approach to community leadership set the tone for our Foundation. He ushered our Foundation through critical moments over the last few years- a pandemic, a call to action on racial justice, and a leadership transition- with steadiness and an eye towards the future,” shared Emma Hertz, President, CEO.

Aside from his significant impact on the organization as a whole, Dr. Hilton has left an indelible mark on the board and staff members. He has served as a mentor, guiding and nurturing the talents of fellow board members, while fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. His ability to unite diverse voices and foster constructive dialogue has been instrumental in ensuring the Foundation's long-term success.

As former President, CEO Russell Johnson shared, “Dr. Hilton's support to me as CEO was invaluable and affirming of the work HealthSpark Foundation advanced during my tenure. He is my life-long friend.”

HealthSpark Foundation will undoubtedly miss the valuable insights and wisdom Dr. Hilton brought to the table. However, the impact of his contributions will continue to resonate, fueling the Foundation's momentum and serving as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion and dedication converge.