Celebrating Dave Sherman’s Board Service

Dave Sherman

With a grateful heart, we are saying our thanks to HealthSpark Board Member Dave Sherman who is retiring from the Board after 9 years of service. 

Dave joined the HealthSpark Board of Directors in 2015, after being recruited by his good friend and prior HealthSpark board member Alfred de la Peña. Alfred had engaged him by sharing that he was a hard-working individual creating good in the business realm and should use that same expertise to give back. Dave was convinced and joined shortly thereafter. He commented that it was quite different from his normal day to day, which he appreciated.

“I have really enjoyed the fact that the people are really into it [nonprofit sector], dedicated to it – and I wish I could say that about the business world. They really take on the work personally. That is important. That has not been a total surprise, but it has been obvious,” Dave shared.

A few years ago, Dave was asked for his thoughts about the Foundation’s direction and conveyed at the time that “Keeping a keen focus on the long-term goal of systems change is a major distinguishing factor of the foundation's approach.”

When asked present day about why he thought systems change was a distinguishing factor, he shared “When I started, it wasn’t about till halfway through my time, that the Foundation switched over to systems change work. It was always looking at grants and individualizing it and talking about whether it is food insecurity or mental health, various areas. When we did the North Penn Commons, which was an interesting project, and involved in the systems change work, it was really different. That was a big step, and it was interesting to see how it was received,” Dave shared. 

“Dave has been a steady source of leadership for the Foundation over the last nine years. From his time as Treasurer, to his participation on our Audit, Finance, and Investment Committee, he’s provided invaluable insight into our general work and our financial operations,” shared Emma Hertz, President, CEO.

The most refreshing part of his experience? Dave revealed that he has met a number of interesting people over the years, including those working in the nonprofit space and board members, many of whom he still stays in touch with. And Dave is glad that his time with HealthSpark Foundation isn’t exactly coming to a close. He will continue to serve on the Board of Managers for the Community Partners Center, the multi-tenant, nonprofit center that HealthSpark leads which provides professional office and meeting space to health and human service nonprofit organizations under one roof in Montgomery County.

We asked Dave to capture his experience in one word. His answer: rewarding. 

A big thank you to Dave for his dedicated commitment throughout his outstanding nine-year tenure. His vision, passion, and hard work have made a lasting impact on our organization.