We have a vision that Montgomery County residents can access quality services that make a difference in their lives.

As grantmakers, we look for trends and tools to help nonprofits adapt. We bring people together - nonprofits, funders, government officials, community leaders, consumers and others - to identify challenges and opportunities.

We are a small team dedicated to stewarding HealthSpark's resources to improve the lives of Montgomery County residents.

HealthSpark Staff

Staff were asked a few questions about their experience in working at the foundation and what they appreciate about Montgomery County. Snippets of their answers are below. Click on each staff member's name for additional professional information.

A Caucasian man in a dark suit against a gray background.Russell Johnson, President, CEO
 What about the foundation's work most excites you?
"The board's consistent support to look forward, nurturing promising opportunities and invest in ideas keeps me and our staff very engaged with our community partners."


A man in front of a wood panel, in glasses, a white shirt and gray knit sweaterJohn Ramirez, Jr., Controller
What about the foundation's work most excites you?
"As I researched HealthSpark, what kept striking me was 'authentic'. I have listened to many organizations, boards and teams, say loudly that they work collaboratively and collectively. Actions always speak louder than words."


a woman in a white topEmma Hertz, Director of External Affairs                                                                                What about the foundation's work most excites you?                                                          "We have tremendous opportunity to serve our community in a different way by investing in collaboration, trust-building, and shared decision-making." 


Clare Strenger, Business Administration Manager