We are governed by a board of directors for which we recruit from our various networks. Our board members are:

  • Committed to investing in systems change
  • Interested in health and human services
  • Demonstrate leadership and strategic thinking
  • Prudent risk takers
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and a community-lead process to inform our grantmaking
  • Committed to building an operating a culturally aware, competent, diverse, equitable and inclusive organization

Board Members

Foundation board members were asked a few questions about their experience in serving on the board and what they appreciate about Montgomery County. Snippets of their answers are below. Click on each board member's name for additional professional information.

Board Officers

Headshot of an African American man in glasses, in a suit and tie, in front of a gray background.

Warren Hilton, Ed.D., Chair

Share a short, personal story about a foundation project that has impacted or inspired you.
"Experiencing the opening of North Penn Commons was inspiration for me. To see several nonprofits work together to benefit the community was impressive. It showed that with collective effort what seems impossible becomes very possible."

Headshot of an African American smiling man in a dark blue suit and yellow patterned tie, in front of a gray background.

Joel Johnson, Vice Chair

What’s best about living/working in Montgomery County?
Beautiful neighborhoods, excellent public schools, easy access to Center City Philadelphia and the entire Northeastern U.S."

Headshot of a smiling Caucasian man in a gray suit jacket, in front of a gray background.

Dave Sherman, Treasurer

What made you want to serve on the board?
The foundation's philanthropic activities are quite different from my day job. It has been a refreshing opportunity to be involved with important community matters and to learn from the very talented people involved with the foundation."

Headshot of a smiling Caucasian woman in a blue sweater.

Courtney McCormick, Secretary

Why did you make Montgomery County your home?
After grad school, I headed to Philadelphia for my first job with the Health Promotion Council, and I became involved with HealthSpark Foundation through the WISE SNAC initiative. It was the spirit and values of these wonderful people that I got to meet within our local schools and community organizations that made me realize this was a place I wanted to make home."


Board Members


  Kareem Afzal
Headshot of a smiling Caucasian woman in a patterned top.

Amy Gianficaro

What’s best about living/working in Montgomery County?
"While there is a cohesiveness to the county, the thing I love most is the diversity of its people and landscapes. I like to dine in Ambler and hike along the Perkiomen trail; shop in King of Prussia but browse in Skippack. I am proud that my children have been raised in a community where different cultures and different languages coexist peacefully."

Headshot of a Caucasian smiling man in glasses wearing a dark suit and blue striped tie, in front of a gray background.

Russell Johnson

Why did you make Montgomery County your home?
I'm a 4th generation Montgomery County resident. The county is a wonderfully diverse community with lots of recreational resources and is close by to trains and planes that keep me in touch with family and friends."

Heashot of a Caucasian man in a blue checked shirt, in front of green grass and trees.

John Kepner

Why did you make Montgomery County your home?
I moved to Lower Gwynedd in 1972 as a desirable environment to raise a family with easy access to Center City Philadelphia where I worked. During retirement, I have found the county's resources for retirees are substantial and I have had the opportunity to focus my volunteer activities as much in the county as I have in the city."

Headshot of a smiling Caucasian man in a dark suit and yellow patterned tie.

Joseph C. O'Neill, Jr.

Why did you make Montgomery County your home?
"My wife and I were originally from the Philadelphia area and moved back in 1999 in connection with career opportunities. We specifically chose our community for the excellent school system for our children as well as proximity to Philadelphia and the benefits of living in an area which has so much to offer (arts, sports and culture)."

An African American woman smiling at the camera.

Natasha Patterson

What made you want to serve on the board?
"HealthSpark Foundation takes a systems thinking approach to providing the infrastructure and support to the human service, education and public health organizations in Montgomery County."

man in suit smiling

Rayman Solomon

What made you want to serve as a board member?
"As a resident of the 'western' section of Montgomery County, I want to learn more about the entire county and be a part of an organization that is providing leadership and making a difference in securing a social safety net for all of the residents of our county and serves as a national model."

woman in green sweater

Ann St. Claire, MPH

What about HealthSpark's work most excites you?

"I appreciate HealthSpark's collaborative approach to not only working with community organizations, but also other funders in the region. The level of coordination, and collaboration is impressive and effective in building community and sustainable organizations and agencies serving Montgomery County." 

man in red shirt in front of yellow background

Nathaniel J. Williams, Ed.D., MHS, MPA, MBA

How can the Foundation enhance its impact moving forward? 

"One thing that could be enhanced about the foundation would be to ensure the Whole Person is always represented in what we support- those domains are finances, environment, recreation, family/ friends, spirituality, personal development, health, and education. One way to achieve this would be monitoring for its inclusion."