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Build Back Better Design Teams

As part of Build Back Better, HealthSpark is inviting representatives from service providers, faith communities, public agencies, and elected officials to work together in a Design Team to:

  • Assess the safety net system damages and losses, cracks and strengths, and identify what needs to be built back
  • Identify what financial, human, and technical resources are needed to build back better
  • Identify and develop what programs and offerings are needed for reconstruction

The findings will inform HealthSpark Foundation’s future Resiliency Initiative strategies and investments, and will be shared with our community to support broad-based efforts to build back better.

Our expectations for the Design Teams:

HealthSpark Foundation will invite up to 30 nonprofit organizations to participate in the Build Back Better Design Teams. There are two Design Teams offered- one team will meet in the morning of the scheduled date, and one team will meet in the afternoon on the scheduled date. The content offered in each session will be the same; we are offering two teams in order to include more partners in this effort.

Before applying, please confirm that you are able to join us for the scheduled dates and save the dates on your calendar.

Expectations: Particpants are expected to join us for a total of five two-hour virtual meetings that will be held every two weeks to engage in information-gathering and strategy conversations. Participation in additional feedback gathering and analysis may be requested between meetings (e.g., surveys, interviews).

Stipends: $3,000 stipends in the form of general operating grants will be provided to participating 501c3 organizations (one grant per organization).

Meeting Schedule: Both Design Teams will meet on the days listed below. One Design Team will meet during the morning session, and one Design Team will meet for the afternoon session. Participating organizations will be assigned to either the morning session or the afternoon session for all five meetings. The morning session will run from 9am- 11am. The afternoon session will run from 1pm- 3pm. All meetings will be held virtually (via password-enabled Zoom).

Applicants will have an opportunity to note on their application whether they have conflicts with either the morning or afternoon session, and we will do our best to accommodate these preferences. 

Meeting Dates:

  • Wednesday, June 3
  • Wednesday, June 17
  • Wednesday. July 1
  • Wednesday, July 15
  • Wednesday, July 29


1: Orientation to the Design Team; individual reflections and experiences

2: Review of HealthSpark Foundation Building Back Better community survey results and research

3: Strategy and scenario development

4: Strategy and scenario development

5: Final recommendations for strategies and scenarios

To apply: The application for the Build Back Better Design Team is now closed. We will be announcing the participants the week of May 25th. 

Questions: Email info@healthspark.org for more information or with questions.