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Strategic Plan

Our board of directors adopted our current strategic plan, guiding our work through June 30, 2023.

We will continue to evolve our grantmaking focus over the next decade with a goal of “Assuring a nimble, real-time, resilient quality health and human services safety net system”. We will sharpen our focus on system change to address health disparities that hinder access and quality outcomes. And we will seek opportunities to ensure the financial and organizational health of the safety net system. 

In 2018, we launched the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative, a 10-year effort to improve the ability of Montgomery County’s health and human services safety net system – and the organizations that contribute to and support the system – to weather uncertainty and meet the needs of people across the county.

Download the strategic plan below.


We define systems change as the process of altering or transforming how major parts of the safety net are linked, function and influence one another. All of us operating within the safety net – service providers, the government, commercial payers, funders and others – belong to at least one “system” and interact with and depend on others.