Report: Unlocking Doors to Homelessness Prevention (2018)

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Since launching in 2014, Your Way Home has seen much success in rapidly rehousing those in Montgomery County who are experiencing homelessness. Findings from the research will assist Your Way Home in building a new agenda to expand its work into prevention efforts.

The following themes were identified:

  • The causes of eviction and homelessness are multi-dimensional.
  • Race plays a critical role in determining eviction rates and is also correlated with rates of homelessness.
  • The challenge of prevention is targeting services and resources toward those most likely to become homeless.
  • Accurately targeted and effective community-based prevention programs can be cheaper for communities where shelter stays are expensive. 

Access the report below, which provides a national scan of eviction prevention and homelessness prevention programs in local communities. Specific programs in other areas of the country are profiled. Eight key lessons are offered, and a link is provided for how policy makers, grantmakers and providers can best implement these lessons (pg. 8).

HealthSpark is proud to have partnered with Your Way Home on this seminal report.

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