North Penn Housing/Homeless Providers Network Situational Analysis Report (2008)

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The North Penn Housing/Homeless Providers Network Situational Analysis Report 2008 presents data and analysis related to the current state of the North Penn regional housing system. The purpose of the report is to provide the Network’s Steering Committee, comprised of five member agencies and the North Penn Community Health Foundation, with the necessary information to make critical decisions for the development of a consumer-driven, outcomes- based and coordinated housing system that best addresses each aspect of the housing and homelessness continuum of care in the region.

Key findings from the situational analysis suggest that the successful creation and implementation of a coordinated housing system that is able to provide a comprehensive continuum of care for North Penn residents is dependent on six critical factors:

  • Building the internal leadership, fundraising, technology, and staffing capacity of individual member agencies
  • Creating meaningful partnerships with other housing and homeless providers and advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, and mental and behavioral health care providers in the region
  • Closing gaps in the region’s continuum of care, especially in terms of centralized information and referral systems and homeless prevention
  • Instituting a coordinated evaluation system to assess the Network’s collective impact and responsiveness to individual consumer needs
  • Increasing the availability of high-quality, affordable housing, both permanent and permanent supportive
  • Improving the region’s public transportation system to provide access to approximately 500 health and human service non-profit organizations in Montgomery County that serve the Network’s constituents
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