Logo of a house with a swooping path in front and the words, "Your Way Home Montgomery County" underneath.

Montco evaluates anti-homelessness project

By Jessica Parks

Blue Bell, PA - With its first year completed, Montgomery County's anti-homelessness initiative Your Way Home is reflecting on what worked well in 2014 and what more it can do in the future.

The program, which brings together public, private, and philanthropic agencies to reduce homelessness and housing insecurity, launched in January 2014.

Thus far, Your Way Home has moved more than 281 households - nearly 600 people - from shelters into homes, the county said.

Nearly 200 stakeholders and potential future partners are expected to attend a Your Way Home summit on June 17 in Blue Bell.

The program prioritizes housing before jobs on the theory that it is easier for people to get hired when they don't have to worry about where they will eat, shower, and sleep at night, and when they have a real address to write down on the application.

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