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Leadership Capacity Building Program - Participation Requirements

Eligibility: Nonprofit and county agencies are eligible to apply.

Budget Size: Organizations must have a minimum annual operating budget of $250,000 to participate.

Core Team: Each organization is invited to select a minimum of two, and up to four leaders, who will form its Core Team for systems change.

One of these individuals will serve as the Core Team Leader. One team representative must be a Board member. The remaining one or two members may be from a different level in the organization. Organizations need to select staff who show talent and passion for systems change and who can act as thought leaders in their organizations.

So that the program can accommodate as many organizations as possible, the maximum number of staff members will be determined based on the final number of organizations approved to participate. Organizations will provide their list of participating staff members, as appropriate, after receiving notification of their approval to participate. We recognize that small organizations may need to create a smaller Core Team of only two or three members, dependent on their size.

  • Core Team Leader:  Each organization must identify an executive leader who will serve as the organizational learning champion to support systems change activities within their organization. The Core Team Leader must be a member of the organization’s executive team, as defined by the organization. Core Team Leaders may include but are not limited to Presidents, CEOs, Executive Directors, COOs Deputy Directors, Vice Presidents, CFOs, directors of strategic initiatives and department or division heads. The Core Leader is required to attend all six sessions, plus the evening Board session, in this program.
  • Core Team Board Member:  Each organization is required to recruit one Board member who is required to attend the Role of the Board in Systems Change session. This session will be offered twice (once in April and once in May). The Board member is considered a member of the Core Team and is invited and encouraged to participate in any of the other sessions in the series.
  • Core Team Staff Member(s):  Each organization may have one or two staff members from different levels of the organization participate. (Exact number to be determined based on the number of participating organizations.) Core Team Staff Members are strongly encouraged to attend the three Core Sessions and the final Elective Session and may attend other Elective Sessions as the organization deems appropriate.

Continuing Education Units

Social workers may receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) for their licensure by participating in this program via the partnership with Bryn Mawr College.

Margie DuBrow, NELI Director, will manage the CEU process. This will be explained in depth during the first session. If you would like to contact Margie before that, please feel free to contact her at 610-520-2650 or mdubrow@brynmawr.edu


We are pleased to support the full cost of this series for all participants. These costs include the work of recruiting an educational partner, session design, recruitment and support of faculty, session delivery, identification of learning materials, meeting supplies and conference space. Each Core Team is responsible for the costs of transportation and time necessary to prepare and participate in the sessions.

Session Schedule

Please click here for the 2020 session schedule.