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Innovation Lab

We are not currently accepting applications under the Innovation Lab Grant Program. We anticipate we will reopen this grant program for applications in fall 2021.


Designed by our community partners, the Innovation Lab grant program is a unique approach to grantmaking that funds innovative, system-changing project ideas that will create a more financially resilient and just social safety net in Montgomery County, PA.


Projects funded through the Innovation Lab


The Innovation Lab offers two distinct types of project grants:


(1) Design Grants, which support grantees and their partners to fully research and design a systems change idea, and

(2) System Impact Grants, which support grantees and their partners in the implementation of the systems change work.


Design Grants


Design grants are short term (suggested 4-8 months) and are funded up to $30,000. The purpose of these grants is to develop a long-term change strategy and partnership plan that will address a problem in the Montgomery County safety net system.

Design grants are meant to give organizations the time and resources to fully outline a systems change initiative, build trust with their partners, and determine whether the project could be expanded into a System Impact Grant.

System Impact Grants

System Impact Grants are long term (anticipated timeframe of 2-3 years) and will initially be funded up to $100,000 for the first year, with a declining sum in subsequent years.


Projects must serve Montgomery County residents. Applicants must have a 501(c)(3), have a fiscal intermediary, be a religious organization, or part of Montgomery County government. Applicants must apply with at least one partner organization.

How to Apply

To apply for grants through our Foundation, access our online grant application. Organizations that have not applied to us before will need to set up their account in our system first. If you are unsure if you organization has an account, or you do not have the login credentials, please contact us at

Application Information

The Foundation publishes a Request for Proposals which outlines the intent and eligibility requirements for the Innovation Lab Grant Program. Please download the most recent RFP below. As well, please note that the Innovation Lab Grant Program is intended to support grant project ideas prioritized by our community partners through the Blueprint for a Better Safety Net, which is also linked below for download. We encourage all interested applicants to review both documents before starting an application.