Dr. Keima Sheriff

woman smiling

Dr. Sheriff is the Dean of Holistic Support at Montgomery County Community College, where she has held various roles since 2013. Dr. Sheriff is also the founder of Dr. Kem Speaks, an organizational management consulting and executive coaching firm supporting the needs of nonprofits, grassroots organizations, small social entrepreneurships, and faith-based groups in providing community-based programming. Dr. Kem Speaks strengthens organizations by supporting individuals through organizational change initiatives, leadership and staff development and executive coaching.

Dr. Sheriff is a consummate, inclusion-minded higher education professional with a focus on high-impact retention initiatives displayed in K-12 and higher education settings. Transformational leadership demonstrated with faculty, staff, and student-facing-capacities. Highly skilled strategic planner, program designer, and solutions-oriented leader.

What does power mean to you?

"For me, power equals self-determination! It means that I have the necessary resources and capacity to self-actualize free from the painful barriers of bias, discrimination, and "othering"."

What excites you about the Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund?

"We are recognizing the value of the community to self-actualize. We are partnering with them to provide the necessary resources and capacity to self-determine for their individual and collective lives. I am all about using my platform to elevate the voice and narrative of others who may not have the opportunity to share their story. The Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund is about elevating, partnering, and resourcing with the community to be the empowered driver of their story!"