HealthSpark Foundation's Current Strategic Plan

On June 3, 2015, the board of directors adopted an updated strategic plan that will guide the foundation’s work through June 2018. The board and staff engaged in a series of meetings and activities over the past year that affirmed the value of the foundation’s work, launched in its previous strategic plan in 2012, focused on linking systems where efficiencies and scale offer the opportunity to achieve improved and desired outcomes. The board also affirmed its continued interest and focus on the three areas of primary interest: 

The foundation will also continue to support capacity building activities.

The foundation embraces a population health framework and approach to its work in Montgomery County. The foundation will make its investments to reduce health disparities affecting particularly those experiencing poverty. With its continued focus on enhancing access to safe and affordable housing, improving food security and proper nutrition, and enhancing access to quality health care and supportive services, the foundation’s work is designed to improve the overall health and wellbeing of Montgomery County residents.

Download the strategic plan below.



The foundation defines systems change as the process of altering or transforming how major parts of the safety net are linked, function and influence one another. All of us operating within the safety net – service providers, the government, commercial payers, funders and others – belong to at least one “system” and interact with and depend on others. Click here for examples of systems change specific to the Health Opportunities Fund.


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