Community Volunteers

How does the community contribute to our work?

We benefit from others' voices and knowledge about the county. We recruit potential volunteers from our various networks.

We offer community members who live or work in Montgomery County the opportunity to volunteer with the foundation for a year. Volunteers participate in meetings and strategic discussions with our staff, board and committees.

Current Community Volunteers

Our Community Volunteers were asked about their experience in serving as a volunteer and what they appreciate about Montgomery County. Snippets of their answers are below.

woman smiling Rev. Carolyn C. Caveness
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Anthony Celentano

What made you want to serve as a community volunteer?
"I am passionate about uplifting the neediest in and outside the United States. Volunteering with HealthSpark allows me to commit to this on a local level."

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What inspires you about HealthSpark's work?

"I truly believe that our regional healthcare system is one of the best, but its shortcomings are impacted by the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), namely economics, education, food and housing. As I understand it, the mission of HealthSpark is to positively impact SDOH so our entire community is a healthier place to be for all, and any way that I can support and contribute to HealthSpark's success would be personally very meaningful to me at this point in my life."

  Joyce Miller
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Ed Nawrocki